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Patricia Maze

Born in Rouen, Normandy, Auria defines herself as Sculptor of Movement and Life.


From an early age she has two great passions that she practices assiduously: classical dance and graphic arts.

Admitted to the Fine Arts of Rouen, AURIA then moves towards marketing studies. This brings her to an advertising agency, then to a major Parisian press group where she had worked for eight years. 


Since 20 years she has devoted herself to Sculpture, and it is easy to see that all this vibrant experience combining forms, colors, dance and movement has greatly influenced her work as a sculptor.

"Dance is my great source of inspiration, I practiced it assiduously, it is familiar with me and is for me more than movement, life, feeling, history, but an universal language ..."

"For me Sculpture as Dance cannot be created without feeling, without movement, without Life ..."

"Thanks to my sculptures, I want to pay a tribute to Life because Dance for me is Life!"

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